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For business guests the Vistula Hotel*** has prepared an air-conditioned conference hall of about 160 square meters.  In the hall there are various schemes  of how to set chairs and tables, i.e.  U, theater , school, banquet, and one table.


  A.  Standard Variant

Scheme:    U
Theater School Banquet One table
ukl 02ukl 02 ukl 01 ukl 04 ukl 05  ukl 03ukl 03
Number of people:
80 ppl
200 ppl
40 ppl  singly or   80 ppl double
80 ppl
 70 ppl


Theater School Banquet One table
Scheme with a coffee buffet: ukl 02 ukl 01 ukl 04 ukl 05  ukl 03ukl 03
Number of people: 70 ppl 150 ppl  60 os  80 ppl  70 ppl
Scheme with lunch:
ukl 02

52 ppl

 ukl 01
80 ppl
 ukl 04
 40 os
 ukl 05
80 ppl
 ukl 03
70 ppl


For smaller training courses –  we recommend the U scheme,  the catering table set in
L scheme and a long buffet for a coffee break.

The necessary equipment for the organization of the conference is provided by the Vistula Hotel***.  At your request there is also a possibility to provide a number of additional events and services from outside of the Vistula Hotel***

– 160 m² hall (8m/20m)
– The daylight , level 1 in the Hotel
– Air-conditioned hall
– Wi-Fi
– The hall with a direct access to the terrace
– Scene (2m x 3,8 m x 20 cm)

Mobile equipment:
– Screen
– Flipchart + pens
– 45” LCD TV
– Projector
– Sound system:  wireless microphones

* The projector and sound system are available after  the Vistula Hotel*** confirmation.

* Photocopier, printer are at the conference participants disposal, if needed.

CATERNIG –  is served or prepared in a form of a buffet in  the conference hall.
During a summer season the catering might be served on the terrace as well.

While having the conferences, training courses and business meetings we propose coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, and suppers.  We also recommend the evening parties with à la carte menu or feasts and barbecues in the garden.

The menu  is prepared individually for each guest, in accordance with the order.
Depending on the guests whishes, we serve meals individually or prepare them in a form of  buffet meals and drinks.
The conference hall has a direct access to the terrace overlooking the Vistula River.


Conference hall up to 5 hours  500PLN
Every next hour 50 PLN



Conference hall discount determined individually *
Coffee break basic from 20 PLN /per person
Lunch from 35 PLN/ per person

* Discount for room rent is determined individually for each client

Coffee break basic: coffee, tea, sugar, milk, coffee, water in the jug, cookies.
Basic Lunch: soup, main course

We recommend ordering the extended conference package: a variety of coffee breaks, desserts, lunch and dinner at the buffet. Menu for an individual determination.

* When ordering several services, the Vistula Hotel*** offers very attractive prices
* Companies that use conference offer discount for accommodation services.

Please contact the Vistula Hotel*** Customer Service ( for the organisation of conferences, training courses and business meetings.